Model:CELL DNA -B1,Specification:64 tests/box
Model:CELL DNA -P1,Specification:64 tests/box

Nucleic acid extraction reagent (Cell DNA)

Whole Blood Extraction Reagents
Product Features

  • High extraction purity: Little or no adverse effect on subsequent experiments.
  • Flexible and easy to use: Can be used for manual or fully automatic high-throughput nucleic acid extractions.
  • Wide range of sample types: Can deal with a wide range of sample types, e.g. fresh anticoagulated blood, frozen anticoagulated blood, etc.
  • Good compatibility of extracts: Can be used directly in qPCR, digital PCR, sequencing library construction and other nucleic acid-based assays, and can be used in clinical disease diagnosis.
  • Sample type: Fresh anticoagulated blood, frozen anticoagulated blood, leukocyte layer, cell resuspension and other cell-derived samples.
  • Intended use: The kit is used for the extraction, enrichment and purification of nucleic acids. The processed product is used for clinical in vitro diagnostics use.It can handle a wide range of sample types such as blood, fresh/frozen tissue, FFPE and pathogenic microorganisms.

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