Model:FFPE TNA-B1,Specification:64 tests/box
Model:FFPE TNA-B2,Specification:64 tests/box
​ Model:FFPE TNA-P1,Specification:64 tests/box
​ Model:FFPE TNA-P2,Specification:64 tests/box

Nucleic acid extraction reagent (FFPE TNA)

Product advantage:

  • High nucleic acid purity, fast response of magnetic beads, and effective removal of PCR inhibitors.
  • High extraction rate for highly sensitive downstream analyses.
  • Good stability, widely recognized by customers.
  • Prefilled plate (P1) and Bottled (B1) boards available and with Dewaxing fluid or non with to meet various extraction needs.
    Room temperature storage, easy to transport.

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