Model: Virus TNA-B1, Specification: 64 tests/box
Model: Virus TNA-P1, Specification: 64 tests/box
Model: Virus TNA-P2, Specification: 8 tests/box

Nucleic acid extraction reagent (Virus TNA)

Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit
Good compatibility of extracts: The nucleic acids obtained can be used directly in qPCR and digital PCR experiments for clinical disease diagnosis, etc.
In addition, they can also be used in sequencing library construction and other nucleic acid-based assays, which can be used in various fields such as clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbiology testing, food safety testing and molecular biology research.
Sample types: Swabs, serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other viral samples.

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