Nucleic acid extraction in molecular diagnostics

release date:2022-07-20

Molecular diagnosis refers to the application of molecular biology methods outside the human body to detect changes in the structure or expression levels of genetic material in the patient's body, and to obtain clinical diagnostic information by testing human samples (blood, body fluids, tissues, etc.) in order to determine disease or body function. One of the key steps in detecting human samples is the extraction and purification of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from the samples, the quality of which directly determines the validity and accuracy of the test results.
As a leader in the digital PCR industry in China, TargetingOne has built a complete set of "high-sensitivity" assay solutions from sample collection, nucleic acid extraction to reagent detection, with the two main platforms of digital PCR and fluorescent quantitative PCR. We are proud to introduce to you our products:

┃Newest Speed--Nucleic Acid Extraction for Novel Coronavirus
(Catalogue No.: #11022 #11023)
In order to better meet the demand for rapid detection of Novel coronavirus and to further enhance the efficiency of detection, TargetingOne has developed a rapid nucleic acid extraction and purification reagent for the most commonly used swab samples for Novel coronavirus detection.

Product features:
Easy to use: no proteinase K required, easy to use
High extraction purity: no inhibition of PCR amplification

Short extraction time: automated extraction and purification of swab samples in 12 min

High extraction efficiency and no inhibition of PCR reaction

┃Nucleic acid extraction of pathogens: a pioneer in the diagnosis of infectious diseases
(Catalogue No.: 11004# 11005# 11019# 11020#)
Pathogenic microorganisms are microorganisms that can invade the human body and cause infections or even infectious diseases, including fungi, bacteria, viruses and so on. Identifying the type of pathogenic microorganisms and determining the degree of infection of pathogenic microorganisms is of great significance for disease diagnosis and treatment.

The types of samples used for pathogen testing are complex, involving serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, alveolar lavage, sputum, pleural and ascitic fluid and tissue. How to adequately lyse the samples and extract pathogenic nucleic acids efficiently is the primary problem. For this reason, TargetingOne has introduced a series of nucleic acid extraction reagents for pathogens to solve the problem of nucleic acid extraction from different samples.

Product features:
Excellent reagent lysis performance: no additional pretreatment is required to extract nucleic acids from a wide range of microorganisms.
Good compatibility of extracts: the nucleic acids obtained can be directly used for qPCR and digital PCR experiments for clinical disease diagnosis, etc.
Wide range of sample types: samples with complex matrices, blood, preserved fluids, cerebrospinal fluid, alveolar lavage, sputum, microorganisms in culture media (bacteria, fungi), etc.