News | TargetingOne Monkeypox virus nucleic acid real-time PCR detection kit Receives EU Market Approval

release date:2022-06-01


With leading molecular diagnostic technology, TargetingOne has rapidly developed Monkeypox virus nucleic acid real-time PCR detection kit. The product has excellent performance and has obtained the CE marking. Up to now, TargetingOne has more than 40 products including rapid test, sample collection and extraction series, qPCR series and dPCR series, which have been qualified for EU CE approval.


In May 2022, monkeypox, a disease that was originally found only in Central and West African countries, spread in several countries in Europe and the United States. As of May 26, according to official WHO data, 257 confirmed cases and 120 suspected cases have been identified in 23 non-native countries; the number of cases will increase if testing is expanded. None of these cases have a history of travel in Central and West Africa, suggesting that the monkeypox virus has been spreading in these countries for some time.


As an IVD product development and manufacturing company with international leading molecular diagnostic technology platform and experience, TargetingOne developed the Monkeypox virus nucleic acid real-time PCR detection kit with great speed and quickly obtained the EU CE marking with its excellent performance.

Monkeypox virus nucleic acid real-time PCR detection kit

Product features

Easy to operate, just "add sample", "test on machine" two steps to complete; also suitable for no extraction, routine extraction
Short reaction time, 30 minutes for our TargetingOne C1, 60 minutes for other instruments
Human-derived internal standard to monitor the collection, transportation and extraction process of the sample to be tested to ensure the accuracy of the results
Lyophilised reagents for easy transport and storage; can increase sample volume for higher sensitivity

Sample types: Nasal swabs, pharyngeal swabs, blood and other clinical samples
Applicable instruments: TargetingOne C1, ABI7500, Roche z480, Biorad CFX96, SLAN96, Tianlong Gentier, Archimed, Lepgen-96 and other common fluorescent PCR models